SCMAO (Supply Chain Management Association Ontario) and HSCN (Healthcare Supply Chain Network) are proud to announce a joint venture specifically tailored for professionals in the healthcare supply chain profession. This education initiative is the first of its kind.  The SCMAO-HSCN Healthcare Supply Chain Certification will deliver state-of-the-art practice tools that will enhance the skills of healthcare professionals and, ultimately, deliver value to their organizations.

This HSCC will provide real-world practical skills that can immediately be implemented in your organization.

Highlights include:

  • The Sourcing process
  • Contracting analysis
  • Effective starting of common tendering and contracting templates
  • Decrease and control spend
  • Measuring performance to support supply chain excellence

* Member pricing includes SCMAO and HSCN membership.
Prices may be subject to change without notice.

Module 1 – Strategic Sourcing

*Members $950

Non-members $1250

Webinar Delivery

Module 2 – Maximizing Value and Performance

*Members $750

Non- members $1050

Webinar Delivery

Module 3 – Process Reengineering for Healthcare Supply Chain Professionals

*Members $495

Non-members $795

1 Day in person seminar

Provides a basic framework to assist in understanding and managing strategic sourcing initiatives in healthcare organizations.
Topics include:


  • Spend and contract analysis
  • The sourcing process
  • Product standardization
  • Competitive and non-competitive sourcing
  • Contract award and management
  • Customer/supplier relationship management
This intermediate level module will provide an in-depth look at advanced aspects of supply chain.
Topics include:


  • Common tendering and contracting templates,
  • Value analysis to support fiscal sustainability
  • Matching service levels with performance metrics
  • Key RFP elements and risks
  • Identification and discussion of procurement risk
  • Contract negotiation.
This Module will focus on process re-engineering to increase value to the organization. Even minor changes in business process can have dramatic impacts on cash flow, service delivery and customer satisfaction. Topics include:


  • How to re-engineer a process
  • The impact of culture, attitude and behaviours
  • The difference between IT and business process
  • What to expect from the individual leading the process reengineering initiative

Module 1 is a prerequisite for Module 2. It is not essential that Modules 1 and 2 precede Module 3, but the program was designed to flow in that particular order.

If you are interested, please contact Danny Zhong, at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.