1. What is the Healthcare Supply Chain Certification (HSCC)?

The Healthcare Supply Chain Certification (HSCC) is a joint venture between Supply Chain Management Ontario (SCMAO) and Healthcare Supply Chain Network (HSCN). It was specifically created and tailored for healthcare professionals in supply chain and is the first initiative of its kind in Canada. It provides healthcare professionals with a framework for effectively managing Strategic Sourcing initiatives, plus advanced level courses on Maximizing Value and Performance and Process Re-Engineering.

2. What are the admission requirements?

There are no prerequisites. The certification program is designed for people working within the healthcare supply chain who are eager to advance in their careers.

3. Do I have to be a member of SCMAO or HSCN to enroll in the program?

It is not mandatory to be a member of SCMAO or HSCN to enroll; however, it is more cost effective. Both memberships offer valuable educational and networking opportunities.  SCMAO membership includes discounts on courses, events, consumer products and services. More importantly, it contributes to ongoing professional development via knowledge sharing, publications, as well as online or in person networking. HSCN membership includes access to the most current industry trends and resources, the annual national conference, workshop and event opportunities, and supply chain toolkits.

4. What are the program components?

Participants must complete all three of the modules listed below to earn the Healthcare Supply Chain Certification (HSCC).

Module 1 – Strategic Sourcing (13 weekly webinars – 2 hours weekly)
Module 2Maximizing Value and Performance (6 weekly webinars – 2 hours weekly)
Module 3Process Re-engineering (1 day in-person seminar at the SCMAO office)

5. May I take the components in any order?

Module 1 is a prerequisite for Module 2. It is not essential that Modules 1 and 2 precede Module 3, but the program was designed to flow in that particular order.

6. May I take just one component for professional development purposes?

All three modules are required to earn the Healthcare Supply Chain Certification. Participants may also take the components individually for professional development provided Module 1 precedes Module 2. The HSCC Certification is only available if all three components are completed.

7. What is the duration of the program?

Participants are given a period of 3 years in which to complete the program and it is designed to be completed within a timeframe of 15 months from start to finish, if the courses are taken in order.

8. How often are the modules offered?

Each Module is offered once per year. Please click here to access the registration page.

9. Will additional modules be added to the program in the future?

HSCN and SCMAO are continuously improving this program, and may offer additional modules in the future. These modules would be available to those who have completed the program, as well as to new participants, but will not change the level of the designation.

10. Are HSCC  graduates able to use any designatory letters after their name?

Graduates of the HSCC program do not receive designatory letters after their name, the certification demonstrates their accomplishment and recognizes their expertise. This certification has value within the healthcare supply chain community, and can be used to establish credentials for current and future employment opportunities.  

11. Is there a maintenance requirement?

The HSCC does not require any continuous professional activity to maintain the certification.

12. Are any of the components eligible for CPD points for CSCMP designation holders?

Module 1 is eligible for fifteen (15) continuous professional development (CPD) credits. Module 2 is eligible for five (10) CPD credits. Module 3 is eligible for five (5) CPD credits