1. Are there prerequisites to take any Supply Management Training courses or seminars?

There are no prerequisites but the courses and seminars are ideally suited to early-mid career practitioners.

2. Where are the Technical Courses offered, and how do I register?

The Technical Courses are held at Ontario colleges we partner with, and also online through SCMA-Alberta. They are each 13-weeks long.

To register, please see: SMT Technical Course Registration. The college/SCMA-Alberta will work in conjunction with SCMAO to administer the course.

3. Where are the Seminars offered, and how do I register?

Supply Management Training seminars are held at our office located in Downtown Toronto by the Eaton Centre at 1 Dundas Street West. They are each 2-days long. (Consult SCMAO for locations outside the GTA)  Please register directly with SCMAO - either online or via downloadable form at: SMT Seminar Registration. Use the Categories drop down menu to filter by ‘Supply Management Training Seminars’

4. Can I take the Technical Courses at more than one college (or in more than one format)?

Yes, you can take the Technical Courses at a variety of colleges/SCMA-AB, and combine in-class with online courses.

5. Are textbooks required for courses and seminars?

A textbook is required for each Technical Course and is available for purchase at the college you register with (with the exception of Introduction to Transportation, which requires an e-textbook purchased through SCMAO). For a list of required textbooks please see: SMT Technical Courses Overview

SCMAO will also provide each student with an electronic course-specific Student Manual at the start of each Technical Course. The manual provides an overview of the course and all other content required. For seminars, SCMAO provides all the required materials at the session.

6. Is there a requirement to take all Supply Management Training courses and/or seminars?

No, if you are not pursuing the SMT Certificate, you can take whichever course and/or seminar that best suits your needs towards professional development.

7. If I plan to take more than one, should I take them in any order?

You may take them in the order that is most convenient for you.

8. If I do complete all courses and seminars, am I eligible to apply for the Certificate in Supply Management?

Those who also provide proof of a minimum of 1 year supply chain work experience are eligible to apply for the Certificate in Supply Management. For details, please see: http://scma.com/on/education-training-programs/supply-management-training/certificate-in-supply-management