Companies of all sizes often face challenges when staffing supply chain departments. With the variety of activities performed by a supply chain manager it is critical to find the right person for the position. Below are various resources to help source out the right candidate for your company.

The Sample Position Titles and Competencies document provides examples of typical position titles within the field of supply chain management. Also included are sample functional and managerial/professional competencies that would be demonstrated at each career stage.

Occupational Standards

SCMA is working with its partners at the Canadian Supply Chain Sector Council to develop occupational standards for roles within the supply chain.

Occupational standards can be used by employers in developing job descriptions, competency profiles, planning employee education and training, and establishing succession plans. Employees can use them in identifying skills and knowledge needed for particular positions, assessing their abilities and training needs, and determining career paths.

Occupational standards have so far been developed for positions including:

Draft standards are now under developments for additional supply chain roles.

Additional Resources