Looking to cut costs and increase revenue in a highly competitive global marketplace? Look for strategic thinker with advanced supply chain management knowledge.

The Certified Supply Chain Management Professional (Certified SCMP) designation sets the national standard for excellence in strategic supply chain management and is the most sought-after achievement in the profession. A Certified SCMP has attained the highest level of competency and adheres to a Code of Ethics, ensuring the highest level of integrity.

Supply chain managers with the Certified SCMP designation are motivated, well-prepared individuals who have been trained to play an integral part in corporate strategic discussions. Their blend of practical experience and high-level business skills make them the supply chain leaders of the future.

What leads to the Certified SCMP designation?

Newly redesigned and enhanced, the Certified SCMP Designation Program is the most comprehensive program in supply chain management, it is taken over 36 months, concurrent with full-time employment.

The program delivers advanced supply chain management knowledge and specialized business skills. Taught by senior practitioners and experienced academics, learning can be applied immediately in the workplace.

Innovative and Strategic

A Certified SCMP is recognized as a strategic supply chain management professional who provides innovative strategic leadership to enterprises. Support your supply chain personnel by encouraging them to earn the Certified SCMP designation; it will build long-term loyalty. A Certified SCMP will help your company achieve strategic competitiveness and sustained competitive advantage.

Increasingly, organizations are turning to individuals with the Certified SCMP designation, the professional brand of choice for key players in strategic supply chain management.

A Competitive edge

Give your organization a competitive edge in the global marketplace. Go with the professional designation of choice and hire a Certified SCMP.

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