Within the SCMA Federation

Members must belong to the institute in the province or territory in which they reside. SCMAO must, therefore, transfer membership to another institute if a member is moving out of province. Your renewal date will remain the same and if you are transferring to SCMAO, your next membership renewal will be pro-rated to align with SCMAO's commone renewal date of May 1st.

Any request by a Member to transfer to another provincial or territorial Institute (or national if the Member is moving outside of Canada) must include the rationale for the transfer and must be sent in writing. If that request confirms that the individual is relocating, the transfer request will be granted. If he or she is staying in their province/territory and simply wishes to join another institute for other reasons, the request may be denied.

There is no fee to transfer membership within the SCMA federation.

To request to transfer to SCMA Ontario, please fill out this Membership Transfer Form.

Within an organization/employer

When a company wishes to transfer membership from one of their employees to another, the request must be provided in writing and must include the rationale for the transfer. If the original employee has left a supply chain position or left the employer, the request will be granted if the company is part of SCMAO's Employer Program. The employer must complete all membership application paperwork for the new employee. The new employee’s expiry date will be the same as the original employee’s. That is, the new employee will not get a full new year of membership, but rather the balance of the membership year already paid, for the original employee.  

SCMAO will make attempts to contact the departed employee to update their contact information. At that time we will advise him or her that we are continuing their membership at no cost to him or her until the anticipated expiry date at which time they will be invited to renew as an individual.

Note: For employers who do not participate in the Employer Program, there is no ability to transfer membership from one employee to another. A new membership application must be submitted.