Pre-Requisites & Admission

Prerequisite Business Management Knowledge

The nature and level of content in the Supply Chain Management Professional (SCMP) Designation Program requires that, prior to enrollment, candidates have insight into the:

  • Functioning of people and organizations;
  • Workings of the marketplace; and 
  • Accounting methods that enable an organization to effectively manage its revenues and expenditures.

Work Experience Recognition

SCMA understands that many professionals seeking an SCMP designation have, through experience, gained invaluable business knowledge that is comparable to some of the pre-requisite education requirements for entry into the program. Prospective candidates who have strategic supply chain management field of practice knowledge obtained through 10 years’ relevant work experience with a minimum of five years or more at the mid-career level or higher may be eligible to apply their work experience towards exemption from the post-secondary education requirements for entry into the program.

Candidates applying for program entry based on work experience must provide: 

  • Employment confirmation and/or employer reference letters stating positions held with corresponding scope of responsibilities; 
  • Detailed position descriptions; 
  • Current resume; and 
  • An organizational chart to illustrate function level and position.