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Corporate Services

entreprises presentationFor over 90 years, SCMA, a leader in supply management training in Quebec, has designed recognized training programs to offer specialized, cutting-edge training in supply chain management to Quebec businesses.

SCMA Quebec is therefore proud to contribute to the province’s economic development by making a wide range of specialized supply chain management training programs available to clients ranging from individuals and SMEs to major corporations, meeting the needs of the labour market.

Role of Corporate Services

The role of Corporate Services is to support SCMA Quebec member businesses that want to:

  1. Improve their personnel’s supply chain management competencies;
  2. Implement best practices in supply chain management;
  3. Have supply chain management professionals on their team;
  4. Become more competitive in Québec and in other markets;
  5. Increase their profitability;
  6. Manage savings.

For this purpose, SCMA offers custom-designed supply training in chain management to all Quebec businesses. This training familiarizes participants with the best tools and proven methods, helps them improve corporate performance, and updates their personnel’s knowledge of this specialized field.

Operational, tactical or strategic professional training reinforces, updates and develops the competencies of all team members in supply chain management, significantly improving profitability. All experts agree that supply chain management is a key strategic lever for business. They must therefore take advantage of it.


  • Offer the best supply chain management training available in Quebec to help your business grow;entreprises objectifs 1
  • Develop and improve your personnel’s competencies;
  • Extend the reach of the profession;
  • Spread and publicize best practices;
  • Protect businesses;
  • Develop high-level supply chain management professionals.


Competitive Advantage

SCMA Corporate Services training program stands out from other training programs on the market, due to its competitive advantages:

  • A single field of expertise: supply chain management
  • Expert trainers, highly qualified and specialized, who not only have knowledge but vast and solid experience as well
  • Training programs tailored to your needs
  • Partnerships and alliances with leading academic institutions
  • Access to the top supply chain management specialists in Quebec, Canada and the world
  • Continuous global business intelligence in supply chain management
  • Partnership with Canadian supply chain management research centres
  • Access to global research and best practices through different affiliations
  • Flexibility and adaptability
  • Rapid intervention
  • Client service
  • Dynamic approach
  • Satisfaction guaranteed


SCMA Quebec, through its Corporate Services, is committed to offer you quality training that meets every one of your objectives, and to make your employees’ participation in our activities a rewarding and stimulating experience.

We are committed to put everything in place to ensure optimum acquisition of knowledge and competency development.

Our trainers are seasoned specialists with many years of experience in supply chain management in different economic sectors. They were hand-picked and selected after proving their professional skills in helping the companies for which they worked achieve resounding success in supply chain management, and demonstrating their skills in communicating and transferring knowledge.

Corporate Privilege Program (CPP)

THE CORPORATE PRIVILEGE PROGRAM (CPP) offers you the following advantages and benefits:

  • Access to customized training programs
  • Access to Corporate Services (CS)
  • Includes two (2) individual annual memberships in SCMA
  • 15% discount on the annual membership of an additional employee
  • 15% discount on training taken by a member employee
  • Free posting of one (1) position per year on the SCMAQ website
  • 15% discount on additional postings
  • 15% discount on participation by a member employee in an SCMA Quebec event
  • Includes two free admissions to the annual provincial conference
  • Display of your company’s logo on the SCMA website in the Corporate Privilege Program (CPP) section;
  • Access to news, e-newsletters, training catalogues, and more.

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