How We Operate

SCMA provides continuing education in supply chain management to individuals, groups and businesses.

Several options are offered:

À la carte training, depending on the schedule.

An opportunity for your employees to join a group and have individual access to our training, depending on the training schedule.

Corporate training 

Training tailored to your company, patterned on your strategic objectives, competitive position, organizational culture, challenges and context. Training delivered at the time and place of your choice.

Online training

Under our two main programs (SCMP and Certificat National), certain training is offered online and can be taken à la carte by participants who do not want to enroll in the full program.


SCMA Quebec is your partner and offers you a structured modular approach, adapted to your needs and objectives.

In general, the suggested approach is:

  1. Analysis of the company's needs and objective
    To meet your company's needs adequately, we will identify corporate management's issues, priorities, objectives and expectations.
  2. Precise identification of the competencies to acquire
    Training tailored to your company, patterned on your strategic objectives, competitive position, organizational culture, challenges and context. Training delivered at the time and place of your choice.
  3. Drafting a proposal and a training plan
    SCMA Quebec's Corporate Services team will specify the training objectives, content and activities that will allow achievement of the objectives previously identified. This process will identify the learning material to be designed and presented and the training option selected for knowledge transfer. The training plan will be submitted to your company for adoption.
  4. Design of training material
    SCMA Quebec's Corporate Services team will create the training by preparing the course notes for the participants, PowerPoint presentations, business cases, exercises, simulations, videos and other learning tools.
  5. Training
    The trainer will deliver the training according to the schedule established by the company.
  6. Group or individual coaching: guidance, support and mentoring
    Depending on the needs and the context, the trainer or a professional coach can guide an individual or a group more specifically after training to ensure removal of the different obstacles and barriers to implementation of the new methods. He or she can support the employees in the development of new skills and answer questions that arise in practice.
  7. Follow-up and evaluation of training
    SCMA Quebec's Corporate Services team follows up a few weeks after training to evaluate the impact and ensure knowledge transfer and the implementation of new methods or business processes.


SCMA Quebec relies on a large team of high-calibre freelance trainers who meet three criteria:

  • Specialized university training in supply chain management and/or the field of expertise concerned
  • Seasoned supply chain managers with track records of major professional achievements and several years of experience in different economic sectors
  • Dynamic trainers, skilled communicators, able to transfer knowledge and train the succession

They have the expertise and experience to develop your team and make your business grow.

Training Offered

Here are some examples of training that can be offered to businesses:

Supply management

  • Contract management
  • Incoterms
  • Customs
  • Bonding
  • Risk management
  • Drafting a purchasing policy and procedure
  • Process and preparation of a call for tenders and specifications
  • Weighted evaluation of tenders received
  • Preparation of reverse auctions
  • Total cost analysis and acquisition cost analysis
  • Strategic negotiation
  • Planning negotiations with suppliers

Negotiation psychology

  • Tips for successful negotiations
  • Strategic planning
  • Leadership and professionalism
  • Ethics, responsibility and professionalism in procurement

Leadership and professionalism in procurement

  • Law
  • Procurement law: calls for tenders and bids

Procurement law: goods and services

  • Compliance with public procurement law
  • Municipal procurement law
  • Act respecting contracting by public bodies and its application
  • Procurement law and policies
  • Drafting purchase and sale agreements
  • Claims, litigation and arbitration

Transportation and logistics

  • Transportation and logistics

Inventory management

  • Optimum inventory and store management
  • 75 ways to reduce inventory
  • Tools and systems to support inventory management
  • Optimizing parts inventory management
  • Warehouse organization and operation

International trade

  • Negotiation without borders: challenges of a complex world
  • International trade
  • Calls for tenders and contracts outside Quebec
  • International procurement and procurement process in China
  • International trade and multiculturalism

Management of suppliers

  • Knowledge management and market watch
  • Supplier selection and evaluation
  • How to optimize your suppliers’ performance
  • Evaluating supply effectiveness
  • Building an audit method and auditing suppliers
  • Building partnerships with your suppliers


  • Procurement technology and electronic tools
  • E-commerce and Internet use
  • How to maximize opportunities, do effective research and ensure security of transactions
  • Decision support system and supply chain

Dashboard, performance indicators and comparative analysis

  • Performance indicator and creation of a prospective dashboard in supply management
  • Benchmarking in supply management
  • Evaluating the Procurement Department’s performance

Sustainable development

  • Sustainable development in supply management
  • Calculating the product life cycle and evaluating durable goods
  • How to dispose of goods in procurement (4R)


  • Strategic supply management
  • Tips and strategy to generate savings for your company
  • Outsourcing, subcontracting, strategic alliances and logistics partnership
  • Building a cost reduction plan: from strategy to action plan
  • Supply crisis management

Quality management and continuous improvement

  • Understanding the Kaizen, Six Sigma and Lean methods and their impact on supply chain management

Project management

  • Short project management methodology
  • Management of a procurement project

Finance and accounting

  • Supply management finance and accounting
  • Finance for buyers
  • Calculating the return on investment of purchases and projects
  • Understanding your suppliers’ financial statements

Professional development

  • Developing your leadership
  • Developing your political skills
  • Communications and relationship competencies
  • Conducting effective meetings
  • Team engagement and consolidation
  • Writing effective business communications


Over the past 35 years, SCMA has supported the efforts of over 500 companies in Québec.

Both SMEs and major corporations or multinationals have called on its services to upgrade the skills of their supply managers.

SCMA Quebec has trained beginners and high-level managers in both the private and public sectors.

People of every age and profile and from every horizon have thus been able to update their knowledge and become familiar with supply management and its challenges.

SCMA Quebec’s clients include:

  • Municipalities
  • Hospitals
  • CEGEPs and universities
  • Departments
  • Manufacturers
  • Financial institutions
  • Service organizations and consulting firms
  • Distributors
  • Retailers
  • Mines
  • Self-employed workers
  • Pharmaceutical companies
  • Food industry companies
  • Aerospace companies
  • Telecommunications companies
  • Airlines
  • Crown corporations
  • etc.


Some testimonials by participants...

Customized corporate training: Professional strategic negotiation

« Cette formation a permis à notre équipe d'acheteurs de revenir à la base sur plusieurs principes importants et essentiels des stratégies de négociation. Chacun des points et sujets traités ont bien été ciblés et correspondaient concrètement aux particularités de notre secteur d'activité. L'expertise du formateur, jumelé à une approche pratique, simple et efficace nous permettra de mettre en action des stratégies gagnantes. »

Jean Ménard, directeur approvisionnement, Hector Larivée inc.

Workshop: Leadership and professionalism

« C'est une richesse de pouvoir écouter et partager notre vécu et nos expériences. Je suis choyé d'avoir pu passer deux jours en compagnie du formateur chevronné. »

Gilles Lévesque, Industries Mailhot inc.

Seminar: Short project management methodology

« Je suis enchantée. J'ai beaucoup appris et j'en souhaiterais davantage! C'est une formation où l'on m'a donné des outils essentiels pour accomplir mon travail. Sans le savoir, j'utilisais quelques uns des outils mais pas nécessairement dans le bon ordre. Maintenant, je suis structurée dans ma démarche. Le formateur est un très bon pédagogue. Le ton est dynamique et le rythme soutenu. Vous m'avez vraiment donné le goût et la motivation d'en apprendre davantage sur le sujet. »

Anne Mercier, Desjardins Capital de risque

« Excellente formation! Des outils pratiques qui nous permettent de nous améliorer rapidement. Excellent formateur, dynamique et en parfait contrôle. »

Fannie Gibeau, Sanofi-Aventis

« Excellente formation et excellent formateur. Très dynamique, un expert dans le domaine! Bravo! »

Nathalie Labranche, Maax

« Très bonne formation. Elle m'a permis d'obtenir des outils pour la gestion de projets qui pourront m'être utiles dans le quotidien. La méthodologie pourra également être très utile. Le formateur a une grande connaissance dans la gestion de projets et ses exemples sont très pertinents et intéressants. Il a su bien transmettre la matière et la rendre intéressante. »

Chantal Bonhomme, Agence Métropolitaine de transport

« Excellente formation sur le sujet. Cette formation va me permettre de structurer et de faire un plan de travail pour les projets que je veux développer. Le formateur est un excellent communicateur qui connaît très bien son sujet. »

Christian Paquin, Ville de Lévis

« Formation structurée et très intéressante. Beaucoup d'outils intéressants et constructifs. Formateur énergique qui suscite l'intérêt et la participation des gens, à l'écoute. »

Mélanie Dedovic, S.A.Q.

« Très bonne formation qui est d'une grande utilité autant pour les gens qui ont de l'expérience dans la gestion de projets que ceux qui n'en ont pas. Utile dans la vie professionnelle et personnelle. Très bon formateur avec beaucoup d'expérience qui a su animer le séminaire d'une excellente façon. »

Rachid Laghmari, Pharmascience

« Excellente formation. Le formateur a réussi à recréer un environnement de gestion de projets dans les ateliers. Excellents outils électroniques. Excellent communicateur qui réussit à s'adapter à nos différentes réalités professionnelles. »

Julie Gosselin, Université de Sherbrooke

Seminar: Psychological behaviour in negotiation

« Formation was excellent, very informative and progressive. Being my second seminar, we couldn't ask for a better instructor! Thank you. »

Mathew Meilnon, Leesta Ind.

« Great training giving us many new tools to use in our every day work. Great instructor that takes the time to go over things and assures that we understood every thing. »

Diana Stokes, ABB

« I felt that this seminar really completed the subject of negotiation. I really learned a lot. The instructor is an excellent instructor, truly having an in-depth understanding of the issue and is effective in explanations. »

Jessica Ko, Le Château inc.

« The formation was very good. It showed a new way to look at negotiation. The instructor was very well oriented and conducted the group very well. »

Lillian Gonsalez

« Excellent course. Gained a lot of experience on negotiating and discovered tools that I could use in the present and future position. Looking forward to attending other courses with the instructor!! »

Sara Rina Joseph, Hospira Healthcare Corporation

Seminar: Strategic supply management

« Formation vraiment excellente! Très bien structurée, aide à prendre une certaine distance et avoir une vue d'ensemble ce qui est difficile à faire dans le contexte quotidien de nos activités professionnelles. Formatrice dynamique, intéressante et qui sait garder l'intérêt. »

Mélanie Dedovic, S.A.Q.

« La formation était complète et a dépassé mes attentes. Beaucoup d'informations très utiles dans mon travail et qui répondent aux demandes qui me sont formulées quotidiennement. De loin le meilleur séminaire auquel j'ai participé. Formatrice ayant beaucoup de connaissances. Beaucoup d'énergie en découle. »

Jonathan Gagné, Densigraphix Kopi inc.