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Your SCMAQ Board knows that one of the things that many of you would like to see from your association is more local SCMAQ events. Over the past few months, we have mentioned an exciting new partnership between SCMAQ and ExcelCieArt to deliver on that expectation. ExcelCieArt is a leading organization that contributes to the excellence of supply chain management by recognizing the next generation of professionals. Their primary mission is to recognize and promote the profession by means of official receptions, conferences and networking activities. The organization also promotes training and the dissemination of information for the development of new knowledge in various fields. Many of you are likely familiar with the annual awards gala that they have hosted for several years. ExcelCieArt is now evolving into running a regular series of local events right across the province. SCMAQ has joined forces with ExcelCieArt as a sponsoring partner so that we can bring their events to our members at exclusive reduced prices, and leverage their capacity to attract the speakers and the venues that are of interest to supply chain management practitioners.

If you have a topic or a speaker that you would like to suggest, don’t hesitate to forward your thoughts to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..