Professional development is key to optimizing career opportunities in supply chain management. This means maintaining, improving and broadening your knowledge in the field of practice.

Life-long learning has become increasingly essential with the rapid introduction of new technologies, and advances in supply chain standards and practices. Whether the latest changes to procurement law or new strategies for negotiation, you need to keep current.

SCMA SK Brochure 

SCMA SK fosters continued learning and skills enhancement through a range of options, including Seminars.


Designed for SCMP maintenance and continuing education, these seminars offer current and specific supply chain management information on relevant topics. To register send registration form and payment to SCMA SK or contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Webinar Wednesdays

SCMA Partnership Webinars are delivered in a webinar format using online discussions and short lectures. All webinars are eligible for 2 SCMP credits to a maximum of 10 credits per successive three year maintenance period.

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For more information, please contact SCMA SK.