Supply Chain Management Professional DesignationProgram

The SCMP is Canada’s mostsought-after and widely-held designation in supply chain management. Thehighest achievement in the field, it is the mark of strategic leadership. Arigorous, internationally-accredited program certifies that the SCMP hasattained the highest level of professional competency.  Adherence to aCode of Ethics ensures that the SCMP has the highest level of integrity. Acontinuous professional development requirement signifies the highest level ofcurrent knowledge.

In order to earn the SCMP, you must successfullycomplete all of the following elements of the Supply Chain ManagementProfessional (SCMP) Designation Program:

8 Modules – Cover the core areas of strategic supply chain management knowledge

6 Interactive Workshops – Address high-level business skills

In-Residence Week – Integrates and advances knowledge gained during Modules and InteractiveWorkshops, and hones management and leadership skills; also provides Final Exampreparation

Final Examination – Tests knowledge acquired throughout the program and practical experience in acased-based Exam

Practical Experience Requirement – A minimum of three years of progressiveexperience in any aspect of supply chain management

SCMP Competency Map (PDF, 773.25 KB)

Advanced Standing

Prospective candidates who have previously taken a course in supply chain management through a recognized Canadian post-secondary program (or equivalent foreign degree), completed within the past 5 years, may apply for possible advanced standing towards the SCMP Designation program for up to 4 of the modules and/or up to 3of the workshops.  To apply for advanced standing please complete theAdvanced standing application form.(add link to the form attached (and if since this blurb is now included it would be okay to remove the stand alone link to the same form as per 2b).

Applications for the SCMP designation program are accepted year round.

Membership in SCMA is mandatory for enrolment in the program.

Processing time will vary depending on the number of applications received, and completeness of your application.

Additional information on prerequisite requirements and sample courses (PDF, 120.02 KB).

To apply for the SCMP Designation Program, complete the Online Membership-Enrolment Application and send it in along with official transcripts and/or the Work Experience Recognition Application (PDF, 247.53 KB). Processing time will vary depending on the number of applications received, and completeness of your application.

Assessment of Foreign University Degrees for Prerequisites

If you have a post-secondary degree or diploma achieved outside of Canada, you must first go to an International Qualifications Assessment Service (IQAS) or like organization for verification. Please note that it could take up to 8 weeks for IQAS to complete their verification. In order for SCMA to complete an accreditation assessment, we must receive an original Comprehensive Report in English from IQAS along with your application form.

Advanced Standing Application (PDF, 401 KB)

challenge exam Application (PDF, 399 KB)

Senior Level Work Experience sample (PDF, 60.61 KB)

SCMP Education Handbook (PDF, 704 KB)

SCMP/SMT 2018-2019 Education Schedule (PDF, 67 KB)

For those candidates already accepted into the program, registration can be completed by clicking on the desired course below. Please note, registration is ONLY available to those candidates who have already received their letter of acceptance.

Workshop Schedule & Registration

Module Schedule & Registration