Managing Risk in your Supply Chain
2nd Annual Conference and Tradeshow
May 22, 2014

Location: TCU Place, 35 22nd St E., Saskatoon, SK

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10:45-12:45 - Conference Registration
12:15-1:00 - Supplier Tradeshow & Networking
1:00-1:10 - Opening
1:10-2:10 - Ernest Gabbard, Supply Chain Risk Identification and Management
2:10-2:55 - Supplier Tradeshow & Networking
2:55-3:55 - James Cunningham, The Logistics of Food Trucks & Showbiz
3:55-4:00 - Closing

Registration Costs

$25 (+ GST): for SCMA Members who attend AGM
$50 (+ GST): for SCMA Members who don't attend AGM
$100 (+ GST): for non SCMA members

NEW* Pre-Conference Seminar: Contracting for Supply Chain Risk Mitigation-May 21, 2014

Ernest G. Gabbard, JD, CPSM, C.P.M., CPCM

Cost: $495 plus GST (Qualifies for 5 CPD points)


Few subjects could be more important in the contemporary business environment than that of mitigating risks. This is quite prevalent in the supply chain, where a significant portion of business risks exist. Since the supply contract represents an allocation of the business risks between the Buyer and the Seller, this seminar will provide a comprehensive program for identification and allocation of all significant risks. Specific coverage will include:

Risk Mitigation – identifying and understanding transactional risks

  • What is the greatest risk to my organization?
  • Predicting and preventing risks to protect my organization
  • How does supply risk mitigation fit into procurement/sourcing?
  • Dealing with internal and external barriers to risk mitigation
    • Obtaining executive support of risk mitigation efforts

Mitigating the risks through our contracts

  • Essential contract elements for risk mitigation
  • Challenging contract clauses
    • Indemnification vs. limitation of liability
    • How to determine what is appropriate for the circumstances
  • Performance Issues
    • Protecting the parties’ rights & obligations
    • Breach of contract issues and obligations
    • Liquidated damages clauses?

Risk Mitigation Principles / Advanced Contracting

  • Risk allocation
    • determining who should bear the risk?
    • allocating principal risks
  • Forward contracting
    • cost/price risk allocation?
    • indexed pricing?
  • Protecting intellectual property rights
  • Global/International risk allocation
    • Recognizing the differences

Managing the Risks in service contracts

  • Legal and practical distinctions
  • Special issues to address in service contracts
  • Performance management for successful services

Keynote Speakers

Ernest Gabbard

Ernest Gabbard, JD, CPSM, C.P.M., CPCM

Our speaker has over 25 years of supply management and contract management experience and recently retired as Executive Director of Strategic Sourcing for a Fortune 1000 corporation. In this position he was the Senior Procurement Executive; with strategic responsibility for ~$4 billion global spend, across 8 diverse divisions. He was previously in senior procurement management positions with Hughes Aircraft, Teledyne Industries and Litton Industries.

Supply Chain Risk Identification and Management

The contemporary business environment is replete with many transactional risks. Many of those transactional risks exist within the organization's supply chain. Therefore, the contemporary supply chain professional must be able to comprehensively identify such risks and mitigate those risks. In many cases, we must actually anticipate such risks to protect our organization from serious damage. Our speaker will provide a proven approach to supply chain risk identification and management which may be applied immediately and directly in most organizations.

James Cunningham

James Cunningham, Host of Canada's Eat St.

James Cunningham has proven he is among the most skilled professionals in the country, presenting at numerous events for clients including Pepsi, Future Shop, McDonald's & Walmart and has hosted a series of sold-out events across Canada for "The Power Within." On television, James has hosted Comedy Now specials and Just For Laughs "Galas"; and was a writer and actor on the award-winning television series Comedy Inc., and on NBC's Last Comic Standing. James currently is the host of Food Network Canada's hit show Eat St.

The Logistics of Food Trucks & Showbiz

Behind the fun and frolic of the TV show Eat St., is one of the riskiest and logistically challenging businesses to run. Balancing food preparation, repairs, supply, social marketing and staffing, food truck owners have become some of the most creative problem solvers in commerce. Not only do these entrepreneurs not fear risk and change…they Embrace it! He views each special circumstance and eccentricity through a logistics management lens in a way that is both entertaining and uniquely informative. As one food truck owner put it: "A food truck has all the problems of a restaurant with NONE of the solutions". James will also share behind-the-scenes experiences of sourcing, writing and producing a weekly television show, featuring 200 over-the-top vendors from far reaching locations across the continent.