Leadership in Supply Chain
3rd Annual Conference and Tradeshow
May 20, 2015

Location: Delta Regina Hotel, 1919 Saskatchewan Drive, Regina, SK


10:45-12:45 - Conference Registration
12:00-1:00 - Supplier Tradeshow & Networking
1:00-1:10 - Opening
1:10-2:10 - Chris Martus: Supply Chain Trends for 2015: Driving by the Rearview
2:10-2:55 - Supplier Tradeshow & Networking
2:55-3:55 - Darci Lang, Focus on the 90%
3:55-4:00 - Closing

Conference Flyer (PDF, 450.13 KB)

Registration Costs

$25 (+ GST): for SCMA Members who attend AGM
$50 (+ GST): for SCMA Members who don't attend AGM
$100 (+ GST): for non SCMA members

Pre-Conference Seminar: Value Based Project Delivery: Minimize Costs by Leveraging Expertise - May 19, 2015

Dr. Brian Lines & Jeff Sawyer

Member: $495 plus GST; Non-Member: $650 plus GST

Learn how to implement value-creation tools in your project delivery methods. From Tender Development through Project Close Out, these tools provide clear and concise documentation and provide transparency for positive public accountability. The ASU team has helped deliver over $600M of projects in Canada, with $450M Preparing for Tender. The process has also been used to administer a $20M Parks and Recreation Renewal Program (PRRP), from design and consulting, public engagement, and construction.

Keynote Speakers

Chris MartusChris Martus, CPSM, CPSD and C.P.M.

Chris Martus, is Senior Director of Strategic Sourcing for Mosaic Corporation. Mr. Martus is responsible for procurement activities across Mosaic's operations in the US & Canada, including strategic sourcing, operational procurement, warehousing and procurement shared service.

Prior to Mosaic, Mr. Martus was European Procurement Director of Alcoa Corporation for five years with responsibility for procurement activities in forty-one locations in ten countries across Europe.

Supply Chain Trends for 2015: Driving by the Rearview

The pace of business continues to increase at an alarming rate and globalization, technology and competition drive it faster every year. Within this environment it is said that the only true constant is change, yet it often seems that the more things change, the more things remain the same. In today's business, this can be more aptly said as the more things change, the more the factors that drive success remain unchanged. In today's world, how organizations produce and sell their products and services can matter even more than what they produce or sell. This becomes increasingly true when globalization and technology drives competition, shortens market windows and compresses product cycles. We can gain some interesting insights into future trends in supply chain by looking backwards and asking ourselves, how did we get here?

Sponsored by:

government of saskatchewan

Darci LangDarci Lang

Darci Lang has owned and operated three separate companies, worked with others and managed many different people. As owner of X-L Enterprises and past owner of the award winning Mallabar Tuxedo Rentals in Regina, Darci Lang understands that working effectively requires you to work on yourself first.

Darci is a best-selling author with her book "Focus on the 90%" and has won The Saskatchewan Woman Entrepreneur of the Year Award and an Achieving Business Excellence (ABEX) Award. She is truly someone who walks the talk.

Focus on the 90%

Darci uses one simple tool - a magnifying glass - to reframe how we view our jobs, our co‐workers, our clients and our families. This powerful presentation is an incredible opportunity to examine where each person is focusing their magnifying glass. There will always be 10%s and the power we give to those 10%s affects every aspect of our lives. Using this one simple tool, Darci demonstrates how anyone can change their focus and make interactions with others more positive and productive. Everyone from management to the newest recruit can discover something in Darci's powerful and enduring message. One simple tool to change the way you view your life.